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Sanguineria Canadensis (Bloodroot)

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Found in woodland settings, Bloodroot kicks off Spring early, before the leaves appear on the trees.  White flowers emerge from the ground with a single leaf wrapped around the stem.  When the flower fades the leaf opens.  The basal leaf is on the large size for a single flower but continues to enlarge to become even larger over the summer ~ 25 cm!  Flowers are white and give the appearance of a water lily, 8-12 lance like petals project from a yellow stamen. The flowering stage is short lived, but the blooms are fragrant and attracts early pollinators such as Mason bees and Carpenter bees. Flowers open in the sun and close at night.  The root and stem secrete a red fluid when cut and are highly toxic to humans and animals.  Bloodroot spreads as the rhizome grows and branches out forming colonies.  

Sun: Full sun /partial shade  

Zone 3 

Height: 20 cm 

Width: 40 cm 

Bloom Time:  March - May